Mini-book as the Instructional Material to Teaching Young Learners

When we teach young learners, many time we find difficulties in encouraging the learners to read the book. One of the solution is by giving them mini-book or even asking them to create their own mini-book. Mini-book will encourage them to read and write as well, allow them to be more creative, and give them a sense of belonging to the book which then encourage them to share the book to their friends and family.

Sample of mini-book (taken from

How to make mini-book:
1. Make a double-sided copy of the mini-book pages for each student.
2. Have students cut along the dotted lines and put the pages in order, placing page 3 behind the title page.
3. Fold the pages in half along the solid lines.
4. Make sure the book pages are in order, then staple the book along the spine.
5. Invite students to complete their mini-books with crayons, pens, or pencils.

How to Use it:
1. Work one-on-one. Sit with the student and read together.
2. Give as independent seat-work.
3. Put students in the role of leader (use the book to teach other students or family)
4. Build word-recognition and grammar skills.
5. Teach phonics in context.

Sample of mini-book 2 (taken from

The benefit of mini-book:
1. handy
2. allow personalization (give the opportunity for the students to write their name, draw, and colour the book
3. encourage the learners to read
4. give a pattern so the students know what to expect
5. provide strong visual cues that correspond directly to the text,
5. and allow for creativity and a sense of satisfaction

Good luck!


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